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Multi-day boat trips down the Vltava River

We’ll loan you boats of your choice will for more days. A multi-day river trip is a great way to relax in a calming atmosphere. Most of the time you can just let the current take you, enjoy your time among nature, and admire the sights in the historic towns from the Vltava River. There are many campsites along the way where you can dock, take refreshments, and even stay overnight.

The Vltava River route from Vyšší Brod to Boršov nad Vltavou

The most common point of departure is Vyšší Brod, where we especially recommend visiting the Vyšší Brod monastery from the 13th century. You can spend the night in the local camp or B&B and start out on your trip the next morning.

The river has a brisker tempo (until it reaches Větřní), so follow the flow of the current and enjoy the nature. After approximately 10.5 km, during which you’ll cross 3 weirs, you arrive at the next town called Rožmberk. This holds the 4th weir and a remarkable monument – the Rožmberk Castle. The river meanders around the castle, so you can see it from all sides and then continue on into the natural setting where another weir awaits you on the way.

The river slows down at Větřní, where there are two weirs about 1 km apart and the “lazy water”. After about 24 km, just before the entrance into Český Krumlov, there await two weirs, then the beautiful historic center of Český Krumlov opens up before you, where you float through. This is also where you shoot down two more weirs. The state castle in Český Krumlov is well worth mentioning. Its monumental architecture, cultural traditions, and its sheer size make it one of the most important monuments in Central Europe, dating back to the 13th century.

After floating another 15 km through nature, you get to Zlatá Koruna, where the 10th weir of your trip awaits. From here you float another approximately 22 km, where you finish in Boršov nad Vltavou, shoot down the last weir, and end your trip.

Map of the Upper Vltava River with weirs and campsites →

Custom-made boat trips

Are you inexperienced with rafting, or maybe you don’t want to spend time planning? We specialize in one-day and multi-day “custom-made” boating excursions with complete service. We’ll arrange all the necessary equipment and transport, we’ll choose a suitable route, we’ll arrange accommodation in hotels outside the camp and provide our Water sport assistance. Just tell us your ideas and we'll take care of everything.

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